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My name is                       AKA                   , I am a 15 -year-old artist from Spanish Harlem and I love to bring my characters to life on paper. I have a passion for Fashion Design and I want to share that through making fun/cool

clothing for children and adults.

 I started to draw when I was three years old, self-teaching myself how to experiment with
different styles and characters through YouTube. I get my inspiration from artists like Gawx, Kaws, and Keith Haring. I use Copic Markers to embrace my characters and to give them life. Every day I am learning
the work ethic through my family to make sure that

 MARZ is successful. Marznyc is a brand aimed to inspire other kids like me, that they can accomplish anything, and to embrace their creativity. Drawing is my way to make myself feel happy and to express myself when I don’t feel like talking. I get happy when others support my art because these are creations from my imagination. 

 A place where I feel free to make up
anything I desire.

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